PremiOS-2.3 - Android 10 Most Stable Treble GSI ROM


Android Version: 10

Brand: Xiaomi

Model: Mi 9T

Codename: davinci

Build Type: davinci-user

Build Number: QKQ1.190825.002

Incremental: v2.3

Tags: release-keys

Security Patch: 2020-10-01


Description: davinci-user 10 QKQ1.190825.002 v2.3 - release-keys

Raw Image Size: 3.29 GiB

Unlock vibration now works.
The notification bar window has been minimized.
Music management mode has been edited now works more stable.

Long exposure modes added!
Powermenu is now more fluid and lighter!
Added 12 hours (no seconds) to the clock views in the status bar!
60FPS option has been added to the screen recorder!
Size adjustments for notification panel icons have been added!

Download : Aonly

Download AB

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